Our WA Department of Labor & Industries approved Work Hardening program was created by Greg Mortensen, who has years of experience working with injured workers and Work Hardening and Work Conditioning Programs. We utilize the knowledge and skills of physical and occupational therapists to create an individualized and comprehensive program designed to improve mobility, strength and function so injured workers can get back to work. Educational topics such as basic nutrition and exercise recommendations, posture, body mechanics and ergonomics are included and incorporated into the program as needed.

Our program is responsive and accountable, providing weekly reports so that those involved in the injured worker’s claim are kept up to date of the injured worker’s progress.

Participation in the Work Hardening Program usually starts at 4 hours per day and gradually progresses up to 6-8 hours per day; the program generally runs 5 days a week and lasts around 4 weeks. The program length and duration can be adjusted to accommodate for patient progress or other needs.

Injured worker’s that aren’t quite ready for a Work Hardening Program often start in a Work Conditioning program. Work Conditioning is kind of like an informal version of a Work Hardening program and typically start out at 1-2 hours per day; running 3-5 days a week for 1-2 weeks. Upon completion of the Work Conditioning Program, injured workers are often transitioned into the Work Hardening Program so goals of returning to work can be safely achieved.


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