Meet Greg Mortensen, PT, DPT

Greg grew up in Vancouver, Washington, and has always been active and enjoyed outdoor activities and sports. As a kid and teenager, he played little league baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. He also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, cycling, camping, and goes on the occasional jog or participates in a 5k run. Greg has worked as a personal trainer and even dabbled in powerlifting.


Like most people, Greg has had many injuries from his active lifestyle: chronic ankle sprains, torn meniscus and ligaments, labral tears in both shoulders, broken bones in his feet and fractured his spine. His injuries left him with nerve pain, and ankle and shoulder instabilities. However, Greg has learned to compensate for his injuries and has avoided surgeries while continuing to stay active and do the things he loves. Greg had one experience with physical therapy as a patient and it didn’t go as expected, which is why he decided to become a physical therapist (feel free to ask him about his experience).

Greg attended Eastern Washington University where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Since graduating, he worked primarily as an outpatient physical therapist. He has experience in treating virtually every condition or injury ranging from ankle sprains and post-surgical to vertigo. Greg has been the lead physical therapist for a multi-location company in Washington as well as the lead physical therapist for Work Hardening/conditioning and pain management programs in Oregon.

Greg enjoys helping people and treats people like he would want to be treated, 1-on-1 with the full attention of the physical therapist.


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