Our History

The founder, Greg Mortensen, only had one experience as a physical therapy patient. He was sent to physical therapy after having surgery on his left leg, but weeks of physical therapy didn’t seem to help. While anticipating that physical therapy would be challenging and at times very painful, it was the lack of progress that got him wondering why a young, athletic and otherwise healthy 22-year-old wasn’t getting better. Greg eventually quit going to physical therapy but didn’t stop working on his own recovery. It took him 1-2 years to fully recover, which was longer than anticipated, but his own drive and efforts got him the outcome he desired.

Years later, his unsuccessful experience with physical therapy continued to drive him. This time he became a physical therapist and opened his own practice. This way he could do things differently and could provide a level of care above what he received as a patient.

Elevate Physical Therapy was started in 2019 to ensure that high quality therapy would continue to be provided in Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding area.

Our Purpose:

To Elevate our patient’s health.

Our Mission:

To Elevate the lives of our patients so they can get back to doing what they love.

Our Vision:

To be known for Excellence! We will be the standard in the SW Washington region for high quality therapy.

Our Values:

  • Reliable: We will always provide the highest quality, evidence-based care.
  • Compassionate: We will make every patient feel important and treat them with care and respect.
  • Motivating: We will go out of our way to support our patients and each other.
  • Clear communication: We give our honest and professional opinion, providing necessary information to our patients and answering questions calmly and clearly.


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7701 NE Highway 99, #109
Vancouver, WA  98665

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Elevate Physical Therapy

7701 NE Highway 99, #109
Vancouver, WA 98665

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